Courtesy Dosing

We are excited to announce that we will be offering courtesy methadone dosing, to be available during the 13th National Harm Reduction Conference in San Juan, Puerto Rico. To ensure a seamless process Harm Reduction Coalition is facilitating daily trips to the methadone clinic.

Clinic location

Centro de Metadona, Calle Maga Final, Edificio G, San Juan 00921 Puerto Rico


Please review steps, requirements, and information below carefully. There are several steps that need to take place before you can access dosing:

  • Each person’s home clinic must email a signed copy of a guest dosing request form including the signature of the Medical Director to .
  • It is also recommended that you call the clinic at 787-754-4100 the week of October 3rd to confirm receipt of your documentation and to make sure that all is in place for you to receive your guest doses. English only-speakers may ask to speak with Roberto Questell for ease of communication, and may also email him at .
  • Please discuss with your clinic that you will be traveling, and they will need to answer the phone to confirm your dose that first day.
  • The clinic is now open Saturdays 6-1 and Sunday 6:15-11:45. It is NOT advisable to have your first guest dose on a weekend, because any issues with documentation can often not be addressed on the weekend due to limited staffing at the San Juan clinic, and difficulty communicating with other clinics to confirm doses.
  • Centro de Metadona (clinic) will not write a last dose letter but will confirm with your home clinic that you were dosed on Sunday as a take-home when your home clinic calls on Monday or Tuesday.
  • You will need to present either a valid state ID or a treatment center ID to access courtesy dosing
  • The bus will depart from the Hilton at 7am for the clinic and they estimate they should be done dosing by 8a. The bus will depart from the clinic for return immediately after dosing.
  • Payment for processing guest dosing is $45 per participant and will be provided complimentary courtesy of NHRC.

Free Transportation

National Harm Reduction Coalition will provide free transportation from the conference hotel to the clinic and back to the conference hotel Thursday through Saturday leaving the Caribe Hilton at 7:00am. Meet in the hotel lobby.

NOTE: This time is subject to change if the clinic requests it in order to accommodate the additional volume. Days and times may vary due to COVID staffing-related availability.

You may choose to go to the clinic at a different time but HRC will be unable to cover the cost.

No Cost

The cost of courtesy dosing (a $45 one time fee per person to cover admin costs) is covered by the National Harm Reduction Coalition.


The clinic is closed on Saturday and Sunday. It is required for each patient to bring a hard case shell box with a combination lock or a key for a take home dose for Sunday.

Hours as of 1/4/22:

  • Monday to Friday 5:30-1:30.
  • Saturday and Sunday closed.
  • October 10th is a holiday 6:15-11:45.

If you have any additional questions or concerns you want to discuss methadone access during the conference, please reach out to the Conference Medical Director Dr. Carmen Landau who is happy to troubleshoot with you via email at .