Arriving Responsibly in Puerto Rico

Introducing Our New Community Education Series to Prepare for #HarmRed22

Join us for The 2022 13th National Harm Reduction Conference in San Juan, Puerto Rico for the only national multidisciplinary conference focused entirely on improving the health and valuing the voices of people who use drugs. Join over 2,000 people from around the country and abroad who will convene to learn directly from people who use drugs as well as harm reduction and policy experts about innovative harm reduction strategies and progressive drug policy.

We’re taking our role as host in Puerto Rico very seriously.

To support our future #harmred22 attendees in being responsible guests in Puerto Rico, we’ll be offering a monthly learning series that covers topics including:

  • A brief history of Puerto Rico
  • Harm reduction history and current programs in Puerto Rico
  • Language justice and Spanish language tips
  • Food & music
  • Colonialism and the impact on present-day Puerto Rico (and beyond)
  • Natural environment & emergency preparedness
  • The broader Puerto Rican diaspora
  • Puerto Rican movement leaders
  • Suggestions for responsible tourism to support local economy
  • Support and education for people who use drugs who attend our conference
  • And more!

Do you know someone who plans to attend our conference but you’re not sure they’re on our list?

Please forward this to participate in collectively taking this opportunity to celebrate and get educated about Puerto Rico!

Key Objectives for The 2022 National Harm Reduction Conference:

  • Providing safe spaces for the exchange of ideas and cutting-edge practices that reduce harms associated with drug use
  • Creating networking opportunities for people from diverse backgrounds committed to dismantling the racialized policies that underwrite and perpetuate oppression
  • Challenging stigmatizing narratives about people who use drugs by supporting their leadership development and exposing social inequities driven by structural violence and discrimination

First Video External Education Series

June 21st -Five years since Hurricane María: What has happened in PR and its impact on the Harm Reduction community?

Note: This video is in Spanish. To view English subtitles, view the video on YouTube; select CC and then auto-translate to English or your language.

Add to Your Playlist

Joann Gomez and Jose Martinez

Want to start getting in the mood for all the educational resources you’re going to review in the upcoming months? We’ll help you start to build your playlists! Listen to the playlist on Spotify. Our resident Boricua DJs Joann Gomez and Jose Martinez will be sharing a few tracks each month:

  • Arroz Con Habichuela – El Gran Combo De Puerto Rico
  • Acangana – El Gran Combo De Puerto Rico
  • Que Lio – Hector Lavoe
  • El Dia De Suerte – Hector Lavoe
  • Oye Como Va – Tito Puente
  • Que Se Sepa – Roberto Roena
  • Plastico – Ruben Blades – my mother’s fave!
  • A las Seis – Joe Cuba
  • Quimbara – Celia Cruz – my father’s fave!
  • Yo Naci En Puerto Rico – Angel Canales
  • Lamento Borincano – Grupo Afro Borinquen

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